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Bouncy Castles - Are they still relevant?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Are you throwing a birthday party for your child? Are you looking for that one fun activity that will tie the whole day together?

The best way to guarantee birthday fun is to transform your party into a bouncy castle party! Bouncy castles are awesome, safe and importantly, relatively cheap to hire when compared to entry into a cinema, bowling ally or similar. As electronic games and electronic devices dominate the home, outdoor activities like bouncy castles are a great way to ensure your kids keep fit, whilst having a great time with their friends.

Let’s take a look at a few kinds of the most popular inflatables that will morph your garden into an amusement park for a day:

12ft x 10ft Bouncy Castle outside
12ft x 10ft Bouncy Castle

Small Bouncy Castles (12ft x 10ft) - You can always count on the classic bouncy castle to keep kids bouncing. The beauty of these units is that they’re available in many varieties and fit into most gardens. You can choose units decorated with imagery of princesses, dinosaurs, marvel and many other themes including the latest video games Minecraft and Fortnight.

You can also find houses decorated with characters and scenes from your child’s favourite movie, book, or TV show. It’s easy to plan your bouncy castle party with a great theme in mind. Plus, the structure of the inflatables themselves makes for a safe and exciting environment in which children can bounce around.

15ft x 11ft Bouncy Castle from bouncy castle express
15ft x 11ft Bouncy Castle

Medium Bouncy Castles (15ft x 11ft) - very similar in shape and structure to the smaller bouncy castles, however these allow more children on at a time and increase the internal dimensions quite considerably. At 15ft x 11ft they can fit into most medium sized gardens comfortably. These also come in a variety of colours and can be designed to match almost any party theme.

17ft x 15ft Combi Bouncy Castle from bouncy castle express
17ft x 15ft Combi Bouncy Castle

Combi Castle with slide (17ft x 15ft) - the addition of a slide to a bouncy castle really does add that extra thrill for the kids. Again, as with the small and medium bouncy castles, all themes can be accommodated for with sufficient notice and we stock many of the most popular themes including LOL, Dinosaur, Princesses, Cars, Football and many more.

With so many great options to ponder, bouncy castles are a great way to spice up a party, special event or simply to get your kids exercising in the fresh air.

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