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Games for children to play on a Bouncy Castle

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

If you're thinking about hiring a bouncy castle for a child's birthday or have already hired one, a bouncy castle is guaranteed to bring excitement and entertainment to the party. Whilst a bouncy castle on its own will provide hours of fun and enjoyment, it's always worth having a couple of games ready just in case.

Child on a bouncy castle having fun
Bouncy Castle Games

These are some of Bouncy Castle Express' favourites:

Musical Statues - Musical statues is a game that’s often fun for children. Playing this game on a bouncy castle adds another level of excitement and competition to the game as the surface of the bouncy castle makes it a little bit more difficult to stand still when the music stops! All you need is some music and someone to press play and pause. Why not offer one of our Bouncy Castle Express sweet cones as a prize to the winner!

Port and Starboard - A game involving memory and action, Port and Starboard is a game that children are guaranteed to enjoy. All of the children will be gathered on the bouncy castle, while the team leader will call out commands such as ‘Port’ (the children run to one side of the bouncy castle), ‘Starboard’ (children run to the other side), ‘Sharks Ahoy’ (children jump and try to keep their feet off the floor as long as possible), ‘Captain’s Coming’ (children stand to attention and salute), ‘Submarines’ (children lay on the floor) and ‘Climb the rigging’ (children pretend to climb a rope). Players who do the wrong actions are out of the game, and the winner is the last child left in the game. Not only will the children have to remember what action they need to perform after each command, but it is an exciting, fast-paced and active game for the whole party. Why not offer one of our Bouncy Castle Express sweet cones as a prize to the winner!

Capture the Flag - This is a common outdoor game and can be fun for children to play on a bouncy castle. The children are split into two teams, with each member having a flag (this could be a coloured piece of paper or a strip of material). The object of the game is to capture the other team’s flag, as well as those found at the team’s base (this could be a pillar, wall or feature of the bouncy castle such as a slide). The winning team is the one which captures the flags of the other team first.

Balloon Game - A game that provides the kids with lots of great entertainment. Just get lots of balloons and spread them out all over the bouncy castle. Ask the kids to burst the balloons by jumping, to fall and to run on them and watch them have fun!

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