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Create a legendary Marvel themed birthday party!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Children playing on a Bouncy Castle with Marvel theme
Bouncy Castle with Marvel theme

Marvel phase 4 is on its way. Black Widow kicks off proceedings this November, with a whole host of interesting sequels, standalones, and big surprises in store for the Marvel Comic Universe after that. In fact, there are at least 11 Movies and TV shows planed.

With this in mind, blow parents and kids away by throwing a Marvel Superhero themed party, complete with a Marvel themed bouncy castle.

What to feed the party

Marvel Bouncy Castle theme snacks
Iron Man snacks

You could go all the way and have an Iron Man vs Captain America snack table - Red White and Blue for the Captain and Iron Man seems like a cupcake fan (but aren't we all).

The epic battle

Your Iron Man vs. Captain America party should feature a way for the two sides to battle it out and determine who is on the right side of government bureaucracy.

Our tug of war game would see both sites battle it out in a battle royal to see is the ultimate superhero team.

So whether your allegiance is to Iron Man or Captain America, there’s no better way to bring both sides together than throwing a legendary Marvel themed party.

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